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Dan's Portfolio Tracker
A sophisticated multi-user stock portfolio-tracking tool that can compute your portfolio's performance (as IRR), compare its performance with various stock indices, and give various year-end and year-to-date summaries.  Features live stock quotes.
A fun Java applet that helps you visualize a 4-dimensional cube.  I originally released this as Macintosh freeware in 1994.
MIX Simulator and MIXAL Compiler
Unsatisfied with what I found available on the web, I wrote my own simulator for Donald Knuth's mythical "MIX" computer, and a compiler for the "MIXAL" assembly language, completely in HTML and Javascript.  It features some debugging capability as well.
RiskŪ Dice-thrower
JavaScript tool to use in the board game "Risk".  Simulates dice-throwing for an attack of up to 10 countries sequentially, and calculates the attacker's probability of victory.

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The Seattle Bike Commuter
Occasional blogging about bike commuting in Seattle.
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Recreational Fiction
Sometimes I write fiction. Less frequently I share it with others. Here's what I'm willing to share. If you can relate, check out NaNoWriMo for a supportive community of like-minded scriveners.
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